day of details


day of details

After working in the event industry for the past decade, we’ve seen a lot of what works, and quite a bit of what doesn’t. We design and fabricate design details that are equal parts functional, meaningful and are beautiful works of art that we aim to either be kept or repurposed.

This is including but not limited to wayfinding, welcome signage, seating charts, escort + place cards, bar signage, table numbers on a wide array of surfaces. We also have a limited collection of table numbers, easels and frames that are available for rental - ask us about them!

dusty blue watercolor brush lettered escort cards.jpg


After a decade of working in the catering industry, I have some VERY strong opinions about all things seating at events.

We specialize in seating charts, escort and place cards and we love working on fun surfaces like mirror, acrylic, wood, agate, magnolia leaves, etc. Let us know what you have in mind!

We want to ensure that these pieces are gorgeous yet at the same time it is crucial that Aunt Susie can find her name quickly to avoid a log jam and that your server can eyeball your place card to ensure you are served the dinner you selected in a timely manner.